TV Actress Complains of Sexual Harassment for 2 Years

Television actress has lodged sexual harassment complaint against a casting director

Harassment of Television actress

A television director cheated an actress claiming to be getting married. Police have registered a case against the casting director for raping the actress.

A 26-year-old TV presenter from Mumbai. The actress had lodged a complaint with Versova police. In the complaint, he said that casting director Ayush Tiwari had raped her for the last 2 years claiming to be married to her. He also said that he had refused to marry her at present.

Director Ayush Tiwari

Similarly the TV personality told that the actress was allegedly harassed and beaten up by sending pornography photos to her. Police have filed a rape case against the casting director over the complaint. Police will soon hold an inquiry with casting director Ayush Tiwari for the said case, an official said. The incident of a television actress having lodged complaint on Aayush Tiwari has caused a stir in Mumbai.

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