Sri Reddy Expressed Thanks to Telangana Chief Minister

The viral waves of Sri Reddy hasn’t yet settled among cinema fraternity as she came up boldly with list of men from film industry who have abused her promising cinema opportunity for her. Though she is from Telugu film industry, her list of involved men extended up to Tamil film industry which included many prominent celebrities as well.

Now, the Telangana government has formed a High Level Committee (HLC) to examine the problems including sexual harassment faced by women in the television and film industries. Any sexual harassment related complaints given to this committee will be inquired by the committee and immediate actions will be taken to help / save the victim.

Sri Reddy's Latest Photos

Many actors, actresses, directors and producers from Telugu film industry have been nominated in this committee as members. Welcoming this move by the Telangana government, actress Sri Reddy has expressed her thanks to the Chief Minister. Also, she said that this is an victory for her efforts she made.

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