Nachiyaar Teaser Goes Viral & Trending for Those Bad Words

Director Bala, one of the top directors in the Tamil film industry delivers all his film in a different dimension. Not just by picturing the scenes but also in framing out the story-line Bala is unique. However, the last released teaser of his upcoming film “Naachiyaar” has created controversies for a word (bad word) used by Jothika. At the end of the teaser, the female lead role of the film pronounces a bad word and the teaser ends. This has stirred the women organisations and like-minded activists for the usage of such a bad word.

Jothika Uses Bad Word in Nachiyar

Apparently, this is the not the first movie to have such word usage. There are many films in which male actors used this word. Popular actress like Jothika wasn’t expected by the fans to deliver such a word that shocked the visitors of the teaser.

Actress Jothika plays the female lead role in the film while G.V.Prakash has performed in the male lead role. Director Bala’s movies will always be a topic for many reasons. As far as teaser is concerned, this is his second one to stir the controversy. Earlier, the teaser of the movie “Paradesi” was criticised for a scene at the shooting spot where Bala hits the co-actors (for perfect performances).

What is the bad word used by Jothika? Just watch the above trailer. Whatever the controversies be the teaser went as expected by the film unit. Yes, any teaser is expected to go viral & trending and Nachiyaar is going viral and trending for multiple reasons.

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