I Fell in Love and Suffered.. Popular Actress’ Love Story From Dubai!

Actress Meera Nandan Shares Her Love Story

Meera Nandan

I fell in love and then learned to love myself, says a famous Malayalam actress Meera Nandan. She has acted in some Tamil and Telugu films as well.

In Tamil, Meera Nandan has acted in Valmiki, Ayyanar, Chandamarutham and Suriyanagaram and has also acted in some television serials.

Malayalam Actress Meera Nandan

Radio Jockey

Lastly, she has acted in the Malayalam film “Gold Coin” which was released in 2017 and after that she did not act in other films. She is now working as a radio jockey for a Malayalam FM broadcast in Dubai.

Mallu Actress Meera Nandan

Comments on Dressings

Recently, she had posted her photo on Instagram wearing a low-cut dress. Most of her fans disliked her photo for appearing in that costume. Fans have expressed their concerns over her dress saying, they don’t want to see her in such a low-cut wear and they look forward to see her in homely look, that suits her better. Meera Nandan replied her fans saying “No one has the right to measure the size of my dress, am dressing to my wish”.

Actress Meera Nadan Photos

First Experiences

Meera Nandan, who recently celebrated her birthday, said: I look back on my twenty years with all my heart. I learned a lot from it. I had many first experiences in life and I must admit it.

Meera Nandan in Dubai

Life as a Radio Jockey

Meera Nandan says, I have not changed anything in my life. I have faced lots of inequalities while am pursuing my acting career. Then I came to Dubai and working as a radio jockey. I love this whole thing. Now I am living on my own and I love this freedom.

Cinema actress Meera Nandan

Family First

I fell in love, then I was in pain. Later, I learned to love myself first. After that I realized whatever happens ‘family is first’. Good days are soon to come after this corona phase. My 20s were good, I hope my 30s are even better, said Meera Nandan.

Meera Nandan Latest Photos

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