Do you know the reason why Rajini met his executives today?

Rajinikanth’s Political Entry Suspense Meet

Rajinikanth in Politics

Actor Rajinikanth officially announced his political stand on December 31, 2017, claiming that he is coming to politics. After that he talked about politics but did not announce the right decision about contesting in elections.

Will there be an alliance?

With the announcement coming today, it is highly expected that the news could be of the 2021 election. Will his colleague Kamal Haasan ally with him in the upcoming 2021 Tamil Nadu elections? Or do we have to wait and see whether he will form an alliance with the BJP as previously reported.

Will it be taken among the people?

It is not uncommon for Rajinikanth films to feature political verses. For example, in the movie Ejaman, when he goes to catch a butterfly for actress Meena, the director in the scene will say a verse, “Who is he?” “He can catch anything if he wants, butterfly is nothing for him” (meaning, he can become a ruler if he wants to become)

What is our party?

Similarly in the movie MuthuI, Rajinikanth says a dialogue,  “Nobody knows when I will come and how I will come but I will come at the right time” and there is another verse in the same film in a song – “What party is our party? Our party is common party. It is now in the hands of time” – such lines were also very popular at that time. However, it is up to the people to decide how it will play a role in his political career.

Fans and volunteers who have been waiting for the announcement of the election since he started the party have so far been left disappointed. Fans are waiting in the hope that the leader will announce the decision on the assembly election today.

This is the reason
It is a well known fact that Rajini has a lot of devotion to spirituality. Today, November 30, is Babaji’s birthday. This is the reason why Rajini Baba, who bears Baba’s logo on the flag of his forum, announces an important decision in his political career today, his birthday.

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