Aadu-2, The Trailer Is Out- It Looks Like Shaji Pappan Is Chasing Something

If you had enjoyed Aadu (a Malayalam Movie) in 2015 and then you would definitely enjoy Aadu-2 which is to be released on this Christmas. The latest trailer released today tells a lot about the fun which is the most awaited.

In the trailer of Aadu-2, Shaji aka Jayasurya is shown chasing something and what is it, that you will only know when you will reach your nearest theatre. From the released trailer, you can certainly presume that the movie is definitely going to be a fun where Shaji Pappan, his near and dear ones and Foes, all will entertain you.

Malayalam Movie Aadu-2

In Aadu-2, almost all castes are same including Jayasurya, Vinayakan, Saiju Kurup, and Vijay Babu, except Appani Sarathi and Anson; these two are new additions to the team and we hope that these two make an equally entertaining part as others. Aadu-2 is produced under the banner of Friday Films of Vijay Babu. Shaan Rahman has given the music to the film.

Before the release of the trailer, one of the songs of the movie was released which created a lot of the buzz. The song is Changathi Nannayali.

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